BJ'S Romeo Romeo
Very nice smooth coat boy~
he's a joy to be around.
Greyld KisseeMe A
Thousand Times
His name says it all,
he is a love-bug.. :o)
Greyld Big Bad Burt
Burt is an awesome
teacup applehead with an
outstanding personality
Sun-Shine's Blu Bayou O'Hayes
He is just like this picture
He is a wonderful boy!
Greyld Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear
This isn't his full coat.  He is a
funny little guy.  He is a retired sire.
CHLOE, placed  baby girl
Greyld Too Tuff To Believe
Toy Long Coat
Chocolate Merle
Tuff is very curious and
always into something..  :o)
Greyld Too Tuff To Be Gus
Teacup Long Coat
Chocolate Merle
What a sweet boy!
Greyld TOMMY
He is a very well built Teacup
Long Coat.  He is a comical
sweetheart.  He passes this trait
on to all his bitty babies.
He is a very nice long coat who has thrown
many beautiful babies.  His trademark (alot of
his babies have it) is the habit of spinning in
circles when he's happy....  what a little nut!
Greyld Tim
He is an awesome, Tiny Teacup Long coat
Blue & White.  He is a great boy in a tiny
package.  He is outgoing and sweet.  These
are his baby photos.  He has matured at
just under 2lbs.  Look for his babies in