Pumpkin Doodle's Page
A couple of years ago, I had the
pleasure of meeting Brenda of Mystery
Mountain pets.  It was quite by
accident that we became aquainted.  
Brenda is truly a blessing.

She is the proud breeder of our Pumpkin
Doodle, the "BOSS" of our house.  
Pumpkin has the best personality ever
and weighs in at a huge 2 lbs 1 oz.  
She is as goofy as a kindergartener and
just as curious.

Treasure every friendship and make
everyday count like it will be your last.  
Don't leave Love & Frienship
unexpressed.  You don't know what
tomorrow holds.
My guard dinosaur---
What a rough day!!!!
Can you see me now?
This is my brother,
Will.  Don't we look
like just ALOT of
What happened to dignity?
Can you see me ?
Of course,  I love to
snuggle w/my
She gives me kisses.