Puppy Instructions
Puppy Chow dry puppy food three to four times per day.
~~This can be found at most pet food stores.

DANNON Plain Yogurt  1 -2 tsp each evening

Housetraining Tips:
I usually start by saying that like small children, puppies can't be expected to have free
choice feed (as puppies training) and be expected to hold everything when nature calls.  
A puppy needs to be worked with and a schedule developed.

For puppy training pads I buy absorbent pads for adults.  They are considerably
cheaper than "puppy pads" from the pet department or pet stores and the pads are
larger.. (bigger targets are always better!LOL)

I feed them on schedule & take them to their pad as soon as they wake up.  When
starting out, I intentionally wake them up early in the morning (remember the
committment for these little guys you were so willing to give?):

1. take to the pad
2. feed
3.  play 5-10 minutes
4. take to the pad
5.  repeat throughout the day..........

I usually take up water & feed at first between times & at night so they can adjust to
the schedule.  However, remember to offer both often.  The feed may be left free choice
or just twice daily, depending on how they mature & progress.  Your vet can help you
with these choices depending on your chi's body weight, nutrional needs, etc.

I have trained the puppies to a pad during their tiny lives here.  There are various
methods to use.  Since they are so small, I encourage them to be continued on a puppy
pad, paper, or litter.  A kennel is essential in most cases for their "den", not as a source
of punishment.  It also allows a comfortable, safe space for the puppy if you have to be
gone out of the house for a limitted amount of time & can't take the puppy with you.  
The kennel they arrive in will be sufficient through adulthood.  The door can be easily
taken off & on.

I encourage yo to take your chi wherever & whenever you can.  They need to be
acclimated to new places, people and other animals to maintain an outgoing, healthy
attitude.  To be kept in one home with few visitors can lead to territorial behavior.  We
are fortunate to have alot of friends & family.  The puppies are accustom to the sounds
& lifestyle of a busy household.

Please don't hesitate to call with any questions.

Thanks so much,
Lisa Grey
Lisa's Little Chihuahuas Home
A $200 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice until delivery can be arranged.  
The deposit is considered non-refundable unless for any reason the puppy
becomes deceased.
I ship using Continental or American Airlines.  Due to extreme temperature
differences during the winter & summer, it sometimes takes a little time and
patience in order to arrange a satisfactory flight.  I won't ship puppies on days
when I have any doubt as to their safety in regards to the temps and long overlays.  
The way to avoid this is to schedule accordingly.   I will get your baby to you in the
very safest way in the most timely manner.
I have both veterinarian and customer references that speak for the health and
personality of the babies I have raised.  I am more than happy to forward contact
information to anyone who requests it.